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Breathtaking 3D Action for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Blood Roofs combines 3D shooting with third person jump'n'run action and an innovative double character gameplay:
Using intuitive touch-and-tilt controls, the player guides two characters at once on their desperate escape over the rooftops of the city.

Blood Roofs Features

  • Extensive levels with gigantic boss beasts in an eery,
    H. P. Lovecraft inspired setting
  • Atmospheric realtime 3D graphics with dynamic full scene specularity effects
  • Multiple unlockable characters and a storyline that will
    unfold and extend more and more with each completion
  • Warp gate concept replaces savegames: Once unlocked, the
    player can choose freely when to skip a level
  • Optional endless survival mode
  • Spectacular cut scenes and in-game-choreography
    Game Center leaderboards and achievements
  • iCloud integration for automated synchronization
    of settings and persistent unlocks

Blood Roofs is an independent game production, designed and developed by Thomas Wagner (idea, concept, artwork, modelling, animation, sound design, programming). Music by Moritz Horvath. | |

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